This collection is inspired by an ancient art form of communication called Nsibidi.

Nsibidi is an ancient system of graphic communication indigenous to what is now Southeastern Nigeria. The symbols are at least several centuries old with a range of date from 400 to 1400CE.

Being Nigerian (and African) it was quite disappointing that i never heard of nsibidi, my consolation was that i was not alone, most of the people i knew were also unaware. It was even more disappointing to find out that nsibidi was referenced in so many instances in ‘Black panther‘ Marvel studios Production that depicted a super Hero from the fictitious Wakanda in Africa.

This wake up call to reality has made me aware of how we are consumed by today and forget to be true to our past. Hence this collection made up of nsibidi symbols, authentically indigenous fabric from different ethnic groups in Nigeria (Akwete, Adire, Ankara, Aso oke… and designed to tastefully suit today’s fashion .

Akwete cloth is a unique hand woven textile produced in Igboland. The traditional Igbo weaving is demonstrated in Akwete processes of spun cotton into finished products.

Adire are indigo resist dyed cotton cloths that are made by women throughout Yoruba land in south-western Nigeria. Resist-dyeing involves creating a pattern by treating certain parts of the fabric in some way to prevent them from absorbing dye.

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