When the world was told to anticipate the first ever Nigerian Netflix original series, King Of Boys 2 (The Return Of The King) by Kemi Adetiba, numerous people were excited, myself included. 

Little did we know that our excitement and anticipation of the movie would not prepare us for the force that would wreck us. Kemi Adetiba brought the storm – with creative magic and fury!

King Of Boys 2, the sequel to the 2018 movie King Of Boys premiered on Netflix just last week on the 27th of August, 2021. 

As a movie lover, I thought it best to hoard this series. Watch an episode a week so I would have enough to keep me going. Eventually I discovered that the person who can resist binge watching the entire series after the first 5 minutes in, hasn’t been born. Quote me. I said it. 

After an incredibly entertaining and satisfying binge, I have come to the conclusion that there is no scale King Of Boys 2 can be rated on. It’s in a class of its own and here’s why.

1. The acting wasn’t ‘acting’ that one could question. Every single Actor in the series brought their A game.

2. The storyline itself, granted that it is as old as time…the tale of a prodigal daughter and her return home, only this time it is intricately refreshing, unpredictable and relatable in the perfect Nigerian way. Best of all was seeing the evident improvement in storytelling from the previous installment of the movie.

3. I would like to boldly say the character development but I’m a bit torn here because we really just got the already established character M.O’s from King Of Boys 1 playing out in King Of Boys 2. However, I must confess that I thoroughly enjoyed Eniola and Ade Tiger’s relationship, character wise, as well as the struggle between her somewhat pacifist side and darker instincts (portrayed by a younger Eniola played by Toni Tones) was nothing short of beautiful and incredibly symbolic. 

It was undoubtedly relatable, because that is basically the battle every ‘kind/calm/peaceful’ person that overthinks or has an anxiety disorder goes through…best of all is they didn’t need to play the mental health card, rather it was a battle of wills/crisis of conscience.

4. The Fashion.

Regarding the make-up and costumes of the characters in the movie, most especially the King Of Boys herself, Eniola Salami…all I have to say is the MET Gala has 48hours to respond because what the awesome fuck was that! (pardon my French)

There are other great elements of this series, including its stellar cast, the set design and cinematography – all of which in totality nullifies any cons/loopholes you might question or notice. That’s the beauty of a well told story.

For instance, I don’t think anyone who has the power to make someone President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (from exile overseas no less) should need any help making herself Governor or face so much obstacles in making it happen for herself. And I would have liked more detailed information on how precisely she achieved that. One could argue that she needed the President’s backing to make her appointment as legitimate as possible beyond doubt or scrutiny but still…

In addition, a flashback scene would have been pure gold, just for us to see how Eniola negotiated a new deal with Makanaki after the first shoot-out. You don’t just spring such a twist on us without showing us the back story, how did your sworn enemy suddenly become your ally? I loved the twist, as did everyone else I’m sure, but what was the motive? Makanaki came for vengeance – and Eniola was high on that list. He could have easily become Oba by leaving Odudubariba to handle her then pull a coup d’etat in that scene. 

When it comes to continuity errors, I am willing to cut the movie all the slack it deserves if its got a good story which was the case here when Aunty Jumoke held a glass of stout in her hand one second and drank it with her psychic powers instantly the next. Although, to be fair it is Jumoke Randle. I wouldn’t put anything past her.

Sometimes, go all in for the movie. Faux modesty doesn’t always work in some scenes. The picture ‘implicating’ Dapo and Jumoke in a supposedly torrid affair didn’t do it for me. A clear shot of him fully clothed, helping her fasten the zip on her dress while she was also clothed herself. Was that supposed to be post coitus evidence? But in the end it was just one more nail to the coffin as they had already been heavily implicated by everything else his boss had said before that. I also want to commend his doggedness. We need more journalists like Dapo Banjo in Nigeria – preferably without the aspiring deadbeat dad routine.

Moving on, The Reverend Ifeanyi’s character was gutter level slimy and I found him very entertaining. This isn’t even a con, because he was an accurate representation of most religious leaders in our society.

There was a struggle with this character though, beyond the portrayed hypocrisy. Sometimes it looked like he wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be redeemable/righteous or borderline slimy. But the two faced act served its purpose. Am I the only one that noticed Jumoke and the Reverend had amazing chemistry? They should have been lovers, but that ‘predictability’ is what KOB 2 tried and succeeded in avoiding.

Imagine my disappointment when the scene that we were teased with some weeks ago wasn’t in it? Rather it was an entirely different scene that captured Eniola’s return – which was no less intriguing.

I was really looking forward to that Cruella De Vil disappearing act scene she pulled off at the Airport. Well, if there’s anything Kemi Adetiba knows how to do best, it’s to play with our hearts and raise our blood pressure with stunning visuals. Disappointed but not surprised.

The highlights for me in the series were;

1. Eniola grieving the loss of her children – and punishing herself via self-flagellation.

2. Eniola battling her darker instincts, portrayed by her younger self.

3. Every scene that had Jumoke Randle in it. Nse Ikpe Etim brought a new meaning to ‘rich bitch energy’ – and still ended up in Ajah. Someone should please check on her.

4. Eniola feeding Ade Tiger meat and the accompanying proverb in that scene. For someone who lost her children before, it was refreshing to see her relationship with Ade Tiger blossom. Unquestionably a mother and son.

5. Odogwu’s death and the massacre of his family.

6. Every scene where a Yoruba proverb/adage was spoken. 

7. The Coup D’etat scene. For a moment I thought the ring had fetish qualities and that was why Eniola insisted on handing over the crown to Odudubariba herself. Little did I know she was stalling for the best take down no one saw coming. Eniola Salami. Overall best in violence!

In conclusion, it is awesome to see this movie on a global platform for a global audience. I couldn’t be more proud of the KOB team, and I hope it’s not too early to beg for a prequel series. Young Eniola is a force and I want to see her in her glory days. Please, I’m on my knees.  

It goes without saying that Nigerians are proud and grateful for this movie because it is authentically ours and it is impossible to not see the beauty and excellence in this stunning work of art.

Review written by Yusuf Zay

Yusuf Zay is a creative, witty, and diverse writer with a knack for watching and critiquing movies. He is a published author, a Digital media expert, and an aspiring filmmaker that has worked with several media brands in varying capacities. He is a lover of arts with a goofy and amiable personality.

Please share your views on King of boys 2, what was your Favourite scene? Who is your Favourite Character /villain? We would like to know. Use the comment section below 👇🏽